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Engineers Without Boarders

EWB University of Waterloo chapter works to support the national organization with its goal to end global poverty. I have been involved in the club for three years with varing roles.

Projects & Responsibilities:

  • Lead and coordinated a team of six executives. Ensured appropriate communication within the club and acted as liaison between the executes and the national organization.

  • Organized housing, meetings and schedule for two Professionals from Africa who came to Canada to learn about Canadian businesses and to build a business network. This is called the Kumvana Fellow program, to learn more go to the Kumvana Fellowship website.

  • Hired a Junior Fellow to go overseas to work on an EWB project. Tasks involved include advertisement, interviews and pre departure preparation. To learn more go to the EWB Fellowship website.

  • Coordinated a one day retreat for the executive members to gain leadership skills, be exposed to inspiring projects within EWB and to do long term chapter planning. This event is called X-Stream.

  • Participated in chapter outreach on and off campus. High School presentations, on campus booths, social events and podcasts were planned each school term.​

  • Organized fundraisers to support chapter projects and the national organization

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