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Experiences in France

Here is a compilation of all my hilarious emails I sent while away on an exchange in France during high school.

Week 1:

Bonjour mais amis!

France is amazing and I am having so much fun! I’ve had a couple scary situations, but because I don’t speak French I didn’t really know what was happening until after; I think it’s an advantage! Margaux’s family and friends have been super welcoming and really nice to me, I feel right at home. They make an effort to include me in the conversations so I don’t feel isolated. The two days in Paris were, as Anne Louise like to say, lovely and darling! She referred to all her students as these names, at one point she called us her preciousess. Actually everyone coordinating the exchange called us names like that, maybe it’s a French thing…? Anyways I figure in order to cover all the crazy events I should start at the beginning.

The first day I left was not very exciting just plane ride after plane ride and lots of waiting, not a lot of sleeping! So by the time we arrived in Paris we were all super sleep deprived and smelly. However, as soon as we got off the plane we loaded the busses and went touring…. All… day… Our first stop was lunch at some French buffet.  When we stopped outside we waited for a while for the coordinators to organize themselves and the bus driver opened the doors without realizing our tour guide was leaning against them. She fell straight back smashing her head on the concrete sidewalk and was out cold.  No one really knew what to do, the coordinators were scurrying around calling emergency services and trying to help the unconscious and now bleeding guide, so all the students sat there for a while worrying! Eventually the coordinators remembered we existed and got us to exit out the back and enter into the restaurant. While we ate the tour guide was sent to the hospital and we never saw her until the next day. She was fine just sore. 

As a result of our plane being late and eating lunch late, we didn’t go inside of the Notre Dame. We stood outside and took some pictures then loaded back on the bus and went to the Eiffel tower. The drive over was an exciting one too! Driving in Paris is terrifying, all the cars are jammed so closely together you think they are going to run into one another. Other cars are trying to merge into the streets at the same time not waiting for openings, just nuzzling right in. I have new found respect for bus drivers after this trip because the roads are so narrow and compact and they don’t hit anything. I thought multiple times we were heading straight into an accident! On our way to the Eiffel tower the traffic was especially bad and we weren’t getting anywhere. Our bus driver was getting progressively mad! Up to this point we hadn’t even heard him honk his horn; but his angry mutterings under his breath turned into horn honking. Then it turned into him opening his window and screaming French profanities to anyone who would listen. There were people listening. A man in a car a lane over took great offense to whatever our bus driver said and he responded with something equally French and angry! To which the bus driver responded, then the wife got mad so her and her husband in the smaller car were yelling too! This didn’t stop our bus driver he kept on yelling too. Soon after, the back seat window rolled down and an older teenage girl started yelling from the back. The OSEF bus was pretty quiet by then, just waiting to see what happened next. Our bus driver was still yelling and the man in the car had quite enough, he got out of his car in a nice grey sweat suit and strutted over to our bus. I think he then realized he couldn’t take on a bus so after him and our bus driver yelling a bit he strutted back into his car. Sadly a space into the bus lane opened and our bus left the car behind! 

After that everything else wasn’t as exciting, we saw the Eiffel Tower and took some pictures. Everyone was exhausted and hardly awake. When we took a boat tour through Paris at the end of the day most of us fell asleep!

The next day was really fun and I was more awake so I could appreciate what I was seeing. We went to Le Louvre, which is my absolute favorite. No pictures truly show how beautiful it is. Everything in there is so old and detailed, thinking about how long it’s been around and the effort put into creating it has a way of making me feel a bit insignificant!  This is a picture of my favorite room;

I arrived in Bordeaux on Tuesday and the four days I have been here have not been a disappointment! Especially when it comes to food! I have literally ate cheese every single day. Also I put my skeptics aside and have ate raw pork, lamb, duck liver, shrimp and scallops. I should mention I had to deshell the shrimp, and cut off its head. But it was all amazing! So far everything I have ate I have loved. Also their milk is unreal, I recommend all of you coming to France just for the food!

The town is beautiful too, everything is so aged looking. They use those really old looking locks from horror movies and we wear shoes in the house or you get splinters in your feet from the hardwood. I learned the hard way..  .

School isn’t too much different than from home. Margaux’s English class is pretty much the same as my French class. Her math class doesn’t listen at all, the teacher just struggles to talk over everyone. Economy and History are strict but they are comparable to Mrs. Crawford. Then there is Philosophy… everyone thought he was like the math teacher, so I talked with the people around me (ish) , just like everyone else. The teacher walked up to me and straight face, zero emotion, said something. I still have no clue what, but the entire class stared at me and gave me super sympathetic looks. The girl sitting beside me nervously tried to translate, but all she said was “you’re not supposed to talk.” So I’m going to assume he was mad at me and scolded me in front of the whole class, which was nice on my first day!

A couple embarrassing things I’ve done are;

  • I told Margaux my fingers were sad, when I was trying to say they were cold!

  • The history teacher as a joke told me they were going to speak Chinese in class but I didn’t understand so I agreed with her calmly and sat down!

  • We have got a couple other good laughs at me and other French people. I try to get everyone to say ‘thistle’. I recommend this to anyone meeting French people, very entertaining!



Hello fellow Canadians!

It’s now been two full weeks since I left and that’s pretty bizarre! I want to hear about your lives and all the crazy shenanigans. How’s the weather? How’s the food? Do anything extraordinary? Do anything ordinary? France isn’t as exciting this week, and I’m sorry that I don’t have any crazy stories for you, but a couple noteworthy things did happen.

On Sunday Pascal and I went for a nice walk through a small town near Bordeaux. We went to a building where weddings receptions are held near the church. I think it’s so cool that beautiful aged buildings are so abundant here! In Canada I think that a place like that would be hard to find and expensive to rent. Here in France it is just one of the many memorable locations! I’ll attach a couple pictures of what it looks like, also the few other things we saw. There was also a petite market there with an assortment of cheese and mean available. However, shortly after it started to rain so our hike got cut very short and we went home. This adventure is to be continued!

For the next couple of days I just worked on my online classes and made a little progress. On Tuesday I cooked them one of my favorite meals, drowning chicken :P. Pascal made sure it still was a little French and we had a baguette with it! Also I am pretty sure their evil plan is to make me super fat because I have had dessert multiple times a day this week and we eat chocolate in unhealthy doses. I try to resist over eating, but I’m not strong enough, it’s too delicious. It surpasses ketchup chips on the scale of wonderful food!

On Wednesday and Thursday Margaux had some friends over because she had her afternoons off. Sort of unfortunately, I didn’t do as much of my online classes! But the unfortunate part is all in the eyes of the beholder. Today Margaux had no school so we got ready for a day in Blye, a little bigger than Plassac town but still small town. On our way to the bus stop we got the opportunity to wave goodbye to the back of our bus and cry a little. Instead we took a walk around Plassac which is pretty too! Then we went back home and made…. A DESERT! Which we ate this evening.

As you all can probably tell I had a nice relaxing week. Which is good because tomorrow I am waking up at 5:45am and going on a train to Paris for five days! Talk to you all later, lots of love



Hey buddies of the Canadian variety!

Its Kayleanna here telling you all about her Frenchie adventures, and in return would love to hear all about your snow filled lives. My sources have told me that you are all swimming in snow which I think is awesome and I wish I was swimming in it with you. Unfortunately all we get here is rain, TONS of rain! With the exception of a couple days in Paris it has rained every day here. That’s not all that bad though, it makes everything look fresh and smells like spring. 

My week started out with a 5:45 wake up and a train ride to Paris! Trains, I’ve found out, are awesome and pretty anticlimactic. So awesomely anticlimactic I slept the entire way up to Paris. Pascal informed me that we were going 400km/h and got to Paris in 2 ½ hours instead of the 5 hours it would have taken by car. Another reason why trains are awesome, and one of the reasons why Canada should get trains. When we arrived we walked through the fourth largest train station in Paris. I assumed it was the only train station because it was so big; that’s what you get for living in a small town! Our apartment was only a short ten minute walk from the train station. We got settled in and headed out to walk in Paris. 

By the time anyone even thought of eating I was starving and considering my arm as a good meal! Frenchies might eat really good food but they don’t eat often. So about an hour after lunch was mentioned we actually sat down at a cute restaurant in the heart of Paris. At this point I actually wasn’t functioning; I didn’t really care what I ate I just wanted to eat now. Also keep in mind, it’s about 1:30pm and the last time I ate was at 5:45am; almost eight hours! The waiter came over and started taking our orders, starting with Margaux and working around the table making me last. Which is fine because I hadn’t even realized we were ordering. They happily babbled in their native tongue, French, as I stared at my menu. Then, the waiter looked expectantly at me, it took me a couple moments of staring awkwardly to realize he was expecting me to speak. I remembered poulet on the menu so I casually said that hoping to make the awkward situation end sooner. Unfortunately, that item on the menu had options with it. The waiter said my options, but my French wasn’t that good; I didn’t even know I was being given options. I turned helplessly to Veronique and Pascal asking them what the heck was going on. They gave me this incredulous look and said “he is speaking English!” 

At the end of lunch they gave me coffee in hopes of brain improvement, it was really yummy. So, with hunger out of the way and the caffeine in my system, I was able to think efficiently and clearly. For the next couple hours we wandered the streets of Paris taking pictures at Le Louvre and on the bridge with all the locks, I’ll call it Lovers Bridge. Nearing the end of the day we ended up at Camps Elysee, a street with a ton of shopping on it. We decided to go to Abercrombie and Fitch. Now this isn’t a regular shopping street, it’s a shopping street that the stores must take steroids before they can be there. So, going to Abercrombie and Fitch involved standing in a line for ten minutes outside of a golden archway. When we were finally let in, by two attractive men dressed in identical outfits, we walked down a white rock pathway, complimented with perfectly groomed bushes on the sides. The path lead to the back side of the building where the entrance laid. At the doors there was a cute girl stand holding a Polaroid Camera taking a picture of some customers with an even cuter boy. The boy was dolled up in all Abercrombie and Fitch clothing, like all the employees. However, his button up shirt was unbuttoned showing off his six pack. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, this young man being paid strictly to be oogled at by girls and the smug look on his face said he liked it. I avoided that situation and entered the four story store and started browsing the overpriced clothes. The building inside was beautiful with paintings and sculptures, elevators, and good smelling everything! It was a lot of fun to just look around at everything and pretend it was in my price range. It was a museum where you could purchase your favorite thing and there were duplicates for those who wanted it too! I went shopping a lot in the next couple days and only one other Louis Vuitton store compared to this one. I still had a ton of fun looking around and seeing the magnificent stores; even though the merchandise was too expensive for me.

On Sunday on our way to Jardin Botanique, we went to a market on the street and smelled all the cheese, chocolate and baking. We saw a couple groups of people entertaining on the street, playing accordians, tubas and I think a violin. Also, there was some dancers showing off their moves. I stopped to buy some souvenirs we also admired the oysters, shrimp and other fish out being sold. Pascal informed me after we left the street that it used to be a lot bigger when he was a kid and that street was hardly a quarter of what it used to be!

We arrived at Jardin Botanique a little before lunch and wandered the park and looked at everything from the outside. Jardin Botanique is a giant park with a number of museums, green houses, and a zoo! After lunch we went to the Natural History Museum, which was a bunch of life size taxidermy and sculptures of every different type of wild animal, including a moose! I saw different wales and fish, elephants and giraffes, and endangered species. It was a five story massive building that we stayed in easily for two hours. 

Next we went to the Paleontology Museum. Words can’t really explain how awesome it was!

Monday involved shopping all day and really good baguette sandwiches!

Tuesday we went to Muse D’Orcey. It was five stories of paintings and it was completely awesome for the first hour! After that it got less interesting as pictures of boobs got old. I think there is only so many ways a person can paint them and that museum really covered it. But the fifth floor was impressionism and was really cool to look at. Claude Monet’s pictures were up there along with Edgar Degas; those are the only two I know. I also saw, Vincent Van Gogh which was really cool. Sadly, they didn’t have Starry Night there. There was some pretty cool pointillism pictures there too. I had a lot of fun looking at them up close. Also there was a section just of old furniture that I love! They are way cooler than the furniture we use today. The last exhibit we saw was the temporary exhibit, and guess what?? It was the Canadian National Gallery!! I was hoping all the pictures to show off how happy and wonderful our country is, I was disappointed. They still had a lot of depressing and creepy pictures in that gallery. However, there was some awesome scenic pictures too!

Wednesday I went to meeting with Dean and Deon! They came to our apartment at 2pm, met the family and then we headed to the subway station. It was about a half hour ride on the subway and then another half hour ride by bus to the home. The study was in Jeramiah 41 and 42 so I caught up on the train ride over and read that. During meeting Dean translated for me and an Australian, but everyone could understand and speak English. I still gave my testimony in French and hoped they understood my accent! There are usually two meetings in France but the other family that has meeting at their place was away so a few of the people from that meeting came over to this one. There was three people missing from the original group and the total amount of people there was eight. There was a young couple whose home the meeting was at; they had a little baby and a six year old girl. Dean and Deon, Me, the Australian man, and middle aged man, and a middle aged woman. I’m sorry I am super bad with names and don’t remember any of them! After the meeting, we had tea and ate cookies. I got to talk with everyone there, in English. We took the bus back to the train station and the train back to my apartment. I had a wonderful time talking with Dean and Deon. They told me about special meetings in Bordeaux that I hope to make it to in March! 

Thursday we took the train home and relaxed for the evening. On Friday and Saturday Margaux and I hung out with her friends which was lots of fun too!

I’m having a great time in France and I am sad it is going fast but also relived it isn’t going slowly! I think I have improved a lot in French but Margaux’s family has improved more in English! We’ll have to work on that! I’ll send another email in a week and thanks for reading about my adventures!



Week 5:

Howdy folks!

Its Sunday March 9, a day after Jeremy Giesinger’s birthday, and I just arrived home after a fun filled day in Bordeaux. It involved shopping, walking, picture taking, and most importantly, eating really good food! My past week has been filled with chocolate and fresh fish. So you could say I’m considering living here forever and taking up eating as a career. Do you think that’s a good plan? I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that life… Unless you prefer pizza, then moving to Italy would have more of an appeal. Either way as long as I’m eating I’m happy! What about you folks? Eat any good food lately? Is there a lot of chocolate in your life? Another dessert perhaps? What would you consider Canadian food? I actually get that question a lot, and I’m not sure. I mean because Canada is so multicultural would we say that every type of food is Canadian? I just tell them that anything deep fried is North American… Do you agree with that or am I totally off? 

Also you could tell me some lovely things you’ve done this week! It always excites me when I get email responses, it’s nice to do some communicating in English. I never fully understood how much I love to talk, until this trip. I guess I’ll just have to learn French… which is easier said than done! I’m sure you might be wondering how good I am in French. However, I don’t want to say I’m good and then let you down; or say I’m super doper bad, because that would be a lie. When I first came to France is SUPER bad French; now, it is mehh. So I’m going to say I’m better, and I actually have conversations in French; but I know my side of those conversations are far from being good! In addition, don’t have your expectations too high for when I return. I won’t be fluent, but I’ll be better than some non-speaking Canadians, and that’s something!

Mom and Dad have been sending me a lot of pictures of the snow and it looks like a ton of fun! Still, I can appreciate the feeling of being ready for winter to be over! Lucky for me, this past week there has been hardly any rain and the temperature has been around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. I can tell, like most of you, that spring is on its way without it being in the negatives, it’s nice!  I can honestly say I don’t miss the snow anymore and I am even more in love with France. One clear night I even went out to the water at sunset and took a couple breathtaking pictures. I’ve also went for a run this week with Pascal and it was beautiful! We drove to a hardly used road in the country side and ran four and a half kilometers by vineyards and creeks and through a small forest. Also, Pascal was biking so it was a good challenge for me to keep up! There are lots of pros to their nice winter weather!

As for the rest of my week, I don’t have any big stories to tell. I went to school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday was my first gym class and I actually enjoyed it! We played volleyball and everyone was just as bad at it as me; In fact, I was the best at serving. The gym teacher just gave us some volleyballs with no instruction and let us hurl it at one another for two full hours. It was awesomely dangerous at some times! Sort of sadly, this next week coming up we are going to run outside, but I look forward to that.

 Another class I enjoy is English class; I actually understand people which is awesome. Plus, the teacher gives me a French-English dictionary and makes me learn the English words they are learning in French. The boringness of the other classes make that interesting and I like it. I also really want to learn French, I even made myself some flashcards of words I want to say but don’t know how. All the Frenchies have never heard of this and think they are some sort of game and like it when I quiz them in English..! They are also really good at english in comparison to me. After one month here I probably have the same French knowledge as they have English. So let’s hope I get really good in the second half of my trip.

So, Gym and English are the good classes in school while every other class is ridiculously boring because I have no hope at this point of understanding what they say! I’ll let you know in a couple weeks if they are still just as boring. However, I do have fun in other ways during school. Lunch always tastes delicious, and because of the nice weather during our spares we have been hanging out outside. I even played football (soccer) one afternoon.

For the most part on Friday and Saturday I worked on my online classes. I’m slowly pittering away at them and mentally preparing myself for the madness that awaits when I return to Canada and realize “oh! I have two months to finish these!” Saturday night I slept over at Ginnette and Irene’s lodging and this morning we drove up to Mae’s home for meeting. I had lunch in Bordeaux with the Mae’s and wandered the streets with them until four. I had lots of fun with them, they are such a nice and cute family. I feel so comfortable with them, it was sad to leave them. I know I’ll see them in a couple weeks so it made it more bearable!

In conclusion, the final exciting thing I did this week was…………… (drum roll)

MADE A SCARF and I am very proud!

Have a good week folks

Lots of X’s and O’s

Week 6:

Hey everybody!

How are you all holding up? My trip has gained some substantial speed and days are just flying by. It feels like I just wrote you guys an email yesterday! Yet here I am writing it quite a few days later then I wanted. How’s Canada? Is the weather warming up? It has been here and I’ve got quite the collection of freckles dancing on my face. I can also tell spring is really near because all the plants that once were brown are turning green with leaves and the grass is full of flowers. I’ve been taking advantage of all the warm weather and trying to get out in the sun every day. I have been going for runs like crazy with Pascal and I really enjoy going for walks with my camera and pretending I am a professional! I have actually learned a lot about myself and have picked up some really enjoyable hobbies. I guess that’s what happens when most of your talking is done in your head!

I was really excited about getting an email from you! I’m glad I am missed cause I am deffinetally missing you guys, like a lot! Don’t worry about feeling like you have to respond! I know you love me and I just want you to enjoy my emails. Also, if you ever decide you actually want to go on a trip to France you can count me in and I can be your translator and tour guide! I actually think that Paris is quite overrated. I liked Paris but after five days it was like going to see the same paintings of boobs in different museums and I mean a person only needs so much of that! There was no life changing moment for me when I looked at the Eiffel tower or walked through the Notre Dame, they were just cool buildings. However, I do have to admit that Le Louvre was spectacular and I could spend five days wandering that alone.

I guess its good to know that Saskatchewan is still Saskatchewan and cold and such. I’m really happy that when I return this will be starting to warm up. On top of that, words do not describe my happiness of missing -60 and being in 20! Also, I am super happy for you being accepted into UofR! I know that it isn’t really a breathtaking school but it’s something. Also, like you said it’s a plan and I’m sure no matter where you go it’ll be super fun and interesting!

Things have fallen into routine and I am having lots of fun with Margaux’s family and friends. They really love to get me to repeat difficult French words and laugh at me, but it isn’t mean because I do it to them too! So if you can think of any extra hard words for them to say, I would love to know about them. Note: they have a really hard time with th’s. I also taught them “I’m a fork, a knife, a spoon, a spatula, chachacha!” song and they have been singing it constantly; we do the dance too. Probably everyone else, and I have learned that you don’t actually have to make sense to have a good time! Our conversations hold a lot more nonsense then actual sense, so I wouldn’t really call them conversations. I have been a part of an up and coming band, Margaux, Melan, Booboo, and I (no name yet). They each play different instruments and I get to sing in French. It’s really something beautiful… that’s a lie, Margaux was the only one who knew how to play the song properly. So naturally we videotaped it! 

Now don’t get to worried that I am only goofing around. It isn’t always fun and games, I work on my online classes sometimes and do have to go to school with Margaux. Lucky for me though, I spend my time there doodling masterpieces and I really think my drawing has improved :P However, in my opinion I learn more being out of class. I can try to talk with people and I was told the other day by some people I just met that my French accent is really good; which was really encouraging for me! Other things that make me super French are; I bought a CD by a French singer, Stromae, I bought a really French coat, and I have freckles made from the French sun! You really don’t need the language when you have that!

I have done some cooking as well this past week. I made sweet and sour meatballs for supper and then for dessert I made bannock. Bannock was a really good idea from Auntie Connie and they absolutely loved it and asked for the recipe! I also made some perogies for them but I managed to really screw up the measurements while converting from US to metric and they didn’t turn out as great as I wanted. That’s what happens when a person thinks they can do something without the help of google! Still, I didn’t mention anything to them and they seemed to like them okay. Also, on Saturday I made birthday cake with Margaux, Melan and Salumea for Jeremy’s birthday. That didn’t go as well and we really butchered the icing, it was more like soup. Actually amidst all the chaos of the kitchen someone broke something rather important… and that someone was me… and that something was a fridge… note to self, always look both ways before pulling a cake out of the fridge. I didn’t, and I knocked a jar to the bottom shelf. Sadly, the jar was tougher than the fridge and broke the bottom shelf beyond repair. So I go to help throw that out and feel really stupid as her mom tried to act like it was okay and she really didn’t want to strangle me. I said sorry, but sorry doesn’t always fix fridges! Still, I think I have gained the confidence in Veronique and Pascal with my kitchen skills because they want me to bake dessert this coming Friday! I will be sure to not break a fridge this time.

There really isn’t any huge stories to tell this week either.  I’ll work on embarrassing myself more in the future just so I can tell you guys about it … as long as it isn’t wrecking things!

Lots of love

Kayleanna!! XXOO

Week 7 and 8:


I know I am very late sending this, more like week eight, so I’ll just do both weeks.

It’s just difficult for me to actually wrap my head around the fact that it’s already been over a week since I last emailed you guys! Things have been fairly uneventful, but really fun. I miss you guys like crazy and am really excited to see you in three weeks! When I get back I have big plans to cook you all a really French meal, I’ll figure out where and when later; consider yourself warned! I still actually have to learn to cook the food, so that’s on my “to do” list. We ordered sauseyson from a really delicious place in the Pyranees and then found out they don’t let you take that through customs. So, I’ll just eat it all and tell you guys how wonderful it is when I get back!

The weather here has been very rainy lately and a little cold, not Canada cold. How are things in Canada? Are you making sure there is lots of warm weather for me when I get back? Do you have a countdown for when I return? You planning your own trips to visit France with me? I’ll be your free tour guide as look as you can cover my ticket! Have you gone on any exciting adventures? Started training for a marathon? You can join the Giesinger family in Disneyland for the Disneyland marathon in 2015. Have you thought of any difficult things for French people to say? I recently introduced “peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pecks of pickled peppers did peter piper pick” to the amusing things French people sorta can say! Are you practicing your French so we can talk when I get back? Because I don’t remember how to speak English, this email was made with google.

If I go through each day of the week since my last email, Thursday the 20th involved school! More excitingly in school, my economy teacher got me to read a section of the textbook to the class. You should know that the words in the economy textbook are not easy to say and I did a good job at not saying them properly. The class had a great time laughing at me too!

Friday I went to the citadel in Blye then after went for a hike through the cliffs nearby. The citadel was pretty big and beautiful with a lot of underground passages. They were all blocked off much to mine and Pascal’s dismay. Pascal said when he was little and went to the citadel it was all open and they went on a lot of adventures exploring. We found out after that you can go in the passages during a guided tour, but we were too late for that. Then later, in the cliffs, you should be happy knowing that Pascal stopped me from exploring in the caves even though I tried a few times. He says that because of the rain they were dangerous and I was sad. For the rest of the day I planned my trip in the summer and in the evening some family friends came for supper. They spoke a little English and I talked to them a bit, but judging from their blank expressions I think that for the most part they didn’t understand what I was saying. They did say they had just returned from a trip to Canada! They own a vineyard and make wine for a living. So, as of a couple weeks ago you can now purchase their wine in Quebec! They were pretty excited and they said Quebec is very beautiful.

On Saturday I went for a run and I worked on my online class. In the evening Pascal, Veronique and I went to their friends house and had supper, shot airsoft guns and played poker! I got a really good shot super close to the bulls eye. So if there is a zombie apocalypse, I am good to go. However, I will not be a Poker Star because I was the first to loose in Poker. 

Sunday was very uneventful

Monday was school and school only went to 3pm because the teacher was gone. Here in France instead of having a substitute teacher the class is just cancelled, which I think is awesome! Still, in the end we were still at school on Monday an hour longer than I would be in school in Canada. School isn’t awful despite it being nine hours long, this is because we aren’t in class for a lot of that time. We probably usually have three hours of no class on a regular day. However, Wednesday I was only in class for three hours; and yesterday (Thursday) wasn’t so nice and we were in class for eight of the nine hours of school. That was painful. I’ll be positive though and say; at least we didn’t have philosophy! On Wednesday usually there is philosophy for two hours in the afternoon, but after sitting outside his classroom for fifteen minutes we all left! We were all in a pretty good mood after. 

An amazing thing happened on Monday as well. We went and did a little bit of shoe shopping cause the zipper on my boots died. During that excursion I found a pair of fairly nice shoes of 20 Euros! I didn’t know it was possible for that to happen in France. I am very happy!

Talk to you all later! <3

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