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River Engineering

I worked with a team monitoring the characteristics and geomorphology of Ontario streams and rivers.

Taking recordings of rock positions in a stream over a debris build up.

Three projects completed are;

  1. Studying urbanized stream geomorphology and erosion after heavy rainfalls

  2. Doing a literature review on Northern Ontario rivers

  3. Predicting particle size in gravel bed streams through empirical and theoretical modelling


  • Field data collection, tracking sediment after heavy rainfalls with total station and loop antenna (project 1)

  • Updated study site characteristics through topographic and thalweg surveys with total station (project 1)

  • Analyzed precipitation in streams by monitoring water levels with gauging stations (project 1)

  • Compiling and summarizing data (project 2)

  • Assessed empirically and theoretically proposed particle size prediction equations by modelling with MATLAB (project 3)

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