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Sustainable Fashion with Blubs and Shrubs

I am a sewing hobbiest and now an aspiring small time handmade clothing designer.

I believe in comfortable and flattering clothes that are sustainable and ethical! I think it is important that the design and materials enable items to last looong - that slow fashion life. Which reduces waste and pollution of the fashion industry.

I want to continually keep learning about slow fashion, and ethical fashion and I want to share what I learn with others through my blog on the Blubs and Shrubs website. The blog is new, so there is only one post right now on affordability and slow fashion. Eventually the website will evolve to be a place where you can also buy my designs.

Currently, I make the items to order, so it can be tailored for a perfect fit - no more clothes that fit “good enough”. Also, I think clothes should adapt with you as you change. I like to use ties and elastic to make the clothing adaptable to fluctuations in your body so you’re looking cute no matter what! Also pockets… I am known by my friends as a pocket magician. There is a 100% fun pocket guarantee with every design. My current available designs can be found on my Etsy.

I am also working on my first ready to wear fashion line that I hope to release at the beginning of the summer 2021, on the Blubs and Shrubs website.

You can follow my instagram if you want to keep you updated on my available designs, any new projects underway, the world of slow fashion and sustainability!

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